Would you benefit from therapy?

You’re unsettled, uneasy and unhappy. Not sure what to do but know you want to talk to someone. So who do you turn to? Best friend, family, GP or agony aunt?

Why not call Neil Palmer today for a confidential first meeting and see if therapy is your sort of thing, via convenient private Zoom meetings.

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Why therapy?

Although perhaps a little daunting at first, therapy offers an excellent opportunity for exploring a variety of emotional issues - a chance to gain insight.

Over time you can learn a lot about yourself in an atmosphere of trust and confidentiality. Usually meeting once a week, or more frequently if desired, individually or as a couple.

Therapeutic factors in therapy

Therapeutic change is a complex process, but the following factors are particularly important...

Discovering and accepting previously unknown or unacceptable parts of myself

Being able to say what was bothering me instead of holding it in

Self understanding is the goal most people will say is their primary reason for undergoing therapy. The basis for this is to learn something important from your behaviour - why you behave the way you do and how you got there, your assumptions, motivations and fantasies.

Benefits of therapy

Acceptance - sense of belonging and being valued

Universality - discover you are not unique with your problems

Hope - sense of optimism about the potential to benefit from treatment

Guidance - useful advice, suggestions, explanation and instruction

Self understanding - learn about yourself through feedback or interpretation

Self disclosure - reveal highly personal information

Catharsis - release intense feelings, bringing sense of relief

Existential factors - realise together the larger questions of life

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

(Lao Tzu)

What to expect at your first meeting...

Meeting people for the first time can be disconcerting but it can also be refeshing - and sometimes it’s easier to talk to someone new.

It can also be a great weight off your shoulders - at last you’ve started to do something positive about your situation.

Complete confidentiality
Before the first meeting, you will have downloaded and returned the questionnaire below. This contains basic personal and contact details and means that time can be spent during the first meeting getting to know each other rather than filling in paperwork.

Please be assured that all information is kept in the strictest confidence and notes are kept under lock and key. A strict professional code of conduct means that no information can be given to partners, family members or employers without written permission from yourself.

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• Please download the Personal Questionnaire

Down that dark crevasse, I learnt that sometimes we really need each other. And that is OK. We are not designed to be islands. We are made to be connected. When we show chinks it creates bonds, and where there are bonds, there is

strength.”  (Bear Grylls)


How long will I need to attend therapy?

The aim of therapy is to give you back your own freedom of choice, so you can become self-sufficient and in charge of your life. You must give yourself time and allow any change to develop - as long as it takes.

Will you tell my boss or GP?

Under very strict professional standards, no information whatsoever is released to any third party without signed written permisssion from yourself.


There are many ways of getting strong,
sometimes talking is the best way.
  (Andre Agassi)


First meeting - £20 (50 mins)

Individual therapy via Zoom meetings - £50 per meeting (50 mins)





Neil Palmer

Neil has over thirty years experience helping people to be positive with their emotional health, primarily in the public sector and more recently in private practice.

He creates a comfortable, non-judgmental and confidential environment in which to explore, often leading to improved relationships, solutions to specific problems and better emotional balance. People are encouraged to talk openly, let the emotions out, share experiences... and move forward.

Neil is a member of:

British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP)

Institute of Group Analysis (IGA)

We cannot solve our problems with the
same thinking we used when we created them
(Albert Einstein)


Since all therapy is held via private and confidential Zoom meetings, you might live anywhere in the UK... or even anywhere in the world!

Neil is located in the beautiful Chiltern Hills of Buckinghamshire.

In Hollywood, if you don't have a therapist,
people think you are crazy
(Johnny Carson)


If you wish to find out more information or would like to
book a first meeting,please contact Neil Palmer now on
07766 767414 or email neil@palmertherapy.co.uk

At Palmer Therapy we take your privacy very seriously. Please be assured that all information is kept in the strictest confidence and notes are kept under lock and key. A strict professional code of conduct means that no information whatsoever can be given to partners, family members, employers or any third party without prior written permission from yourself.

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Individual therapy via Zoom meetings

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